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WDS CLOUD is not a simple platform.

It’s the way to your digital transformation.

Apps at the Speed of Business

WDS Cloud is a rapid aPaaS that helps you deploy apps and extend current investments without extensive cost or coding.

WDS Cloud Marketplace

WDS Cloud Marketplace includes application templates completely free to help you easily start developing your own applications.

Custom Cloud Applications

Use existing cloud applications or create your own without the programming knowledge.

In days not months.

Top reasons to choose WebData Studio Cloud

Create Custom Cloud Applications

At Webdata Studio we provide you with the tools and the ability to deploy advanced interactive Web and Mobile applications with the highest level of security, easily, quickly and without complex processes, without the programming knowledge and, above all, the lower cost of buying.

Integrated Online Environment

WDS Cloud applications run in a unified online environment and do not require the purchase or installation of equipment or programs as end users have access to WDS Cloud using only one web browser.

Easily and quickly convert your idea into a functional application.

Modify it to meet your customers’ needs by offering them a complete, secure SaaS application.

Create SaaS Applications

Create SaaS based applications in days, not months
Create applications without programming knowledge using the drag and drop function.

Go to the next level with JavaScript, APIs and custom items.

Responsive UI with built-in themes

Responsive user interface with embedded themes
Provide applications on a range of devices with known appearance and feel like Office, SharePoint, SAP etc.

Or create your own custom themes using the Kendo UI.

True multi-tenant architecture

Take advantage of a true multi-tenant architecture.
Install applications, keep users isolated from each other and secure data.

Access any data in any existing legacy system

Access any data in any existing legacy system.
Access and analyze data from SAP, Oracle, SharePoint or other applications and databases by creating new business ideas.

Cosmos Cloud Family Apps

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